2010, Chicken City

March 2010 at Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries.

July 2010 at West House Field, Crosby Ravensworth. CA10 3HY.

Christian of Vista Projects worked with John & Vicky (Landlab) from Dumfries prototyping a designer concept flat pack Chicken coop to be called the ‘Henpal’.

John, a landscape architect at Landlab in Dumfries and Christian, who is a public art specialist at Vista Projects, Penrith, said: “For our exhibition at Gracefield we imagined a range of possibilities from informal grazing to vegetable growing, but we decided to go with chickens and so we have created the Hen Pal.

“This is a fantastic piece of pavilion architecture as beautiful as any so-called sculpture.

“Involving all sorts of technical jiggery-pokery; computer aided design, CNC cutting and routing the finished product will be available as a flat packed kit, designed so that anyone can have a go at keeping chickens.”


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